• Vulnerable Children
    All children deserve a fair chance in giving them a future. We want to show them hope, and change a vicious cycle in these children's lives.
  • Youth Empowerment
    Our youth's need role models, they need mentor-ship and guidance to start them off in life. It will empower them to make a change in the society.
  • School Outreach Programs
    RBCI has formed clubs in dozens of schools in central Kenya, and more schools are joining in. It's exiting to see young people who are ready to be ambassadors of change right in their schools
  • Drugs Abuse Mitigation
    The effects of drugs in the society has been dire. Unproductive populations, failed parenthood, health problems among many others. RBCI is actively preaching behavioral change while forging relevant partnerships for rehabilitation centers.
  • Women and Children Welfare
    RBCI wishes to have a society that respects and appreciates women, and one that gives children the care they need. Cases of gender violence have been on the rise, and something needs to be done to stop this.

RBCI Vision

Our Vision is to have men of sound moral character, empowered to be responsible and productive.

RBCI Mission

To rehabilitate the young through early intervention, Christian counselling, mentorship and provision of education & basic needs.
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Inspire. Change. Mold. Leaders.


Mentor Champions.

Your words of wisdom could be the only inspiration they need to overcome the challenges and the things they've been through to become great leaders.


Sponsor a child or two.

It is through your sponsorship and generours contributions, that we are able to give these children another chance in life and build leaders.


Impact generations to come.

Any donation given towards building and improving our current facilities is properly utilized and you're welcome to see what we're doing with your funding.

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