To raise self reliant youth, empowered to be responsible and productive at both personal & community levels.


To promote access to quality education & healthcare to orphans & vulnerable children as well as mitigate the impact of drug & substance abuse among children & the youth.


Over 5,000 children in Nyandarua, Central Kenya, are orphans & vulnerable, with the number set to increase due to rising poverty levels, high cost of living & children orphaned as a result of HIV/AIDS.

Extreme poverty is the harsh reality of life to most of these children. For those living in remote areas of this rural setup, lack of electricity, access to safe drinking water & healthcare as well as quality education perpetuates a cycle of poverty that leaves them in despair.

Even with Kenya’s Public Primary Free Education System, the lack adequate funding from the government has resulted to schools establishing charges for the pupils, which has proved a hindrance for these children accessing education as most can’t meet the charges.

As a result of being in rural areas, most of them are forced to have low school attendance rates & quite a number dropping out to seek a livelihood for themselves & their families.

Unfortunately this often leads them to indulge in drug & substance abuse, crime, prostitution among other societal vices that pose a risk to their lives.

Rechabite as an organization seeks to address this challenge by offering education support & meeting the basic needs of these children.

By enabling them access quality education and meeting their basic needs, we empower them towards achieving personal growth & aspirations and in the long run achieve economic growth to the benefit of their families as well as cultivate in them the culture of giving back to the community.

We believe this is a noble undertaking and as John F. Kennedy said, Children are the world’s most valuable resource and the best hope for the future!

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