Our organization has been on the frontline of drugs & substance abuse mitigation. Drugs Abuse and Alcoholism are key threat to the general well being in the society especially in the central Kenya.

The Rechabite Boy Child initiative undertakes to reverse this rather worrying trend. We have what it takes as educators, counselors, character builders, parents and Devine interventions from God. This initiative will require the support of every stakeholder. "Alcohol has turned our children into zombies", lament the parents. The solution is to involve families, close relatives and village elders in combating alcoholism by monitoring abusers especially those who are out of school to fight the vice as a team.

We have committed ourselves to marking the International Day against Drug & Substance Abuse through an annual bike ride through which we have been sensitizing people on drugs & substance abuse. Our focus has been highlighting the effect of drugs & substance abuse to children & youth.


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