We recently added Youth empowerment to our focus areas and are already working on a project we’ll launch in October 2017, which we have dubbed Vijana Mashinani.

By undertaking this project, we’ll be empowering youth towards self reliance. The project will achieve immense impact, including but not limited to:

 Empowered youth with increased knowledge on opportunities and untapped avenues they can undertake for income generation.

 Creation of awareness & sharing of knowledge on resource mobilization, specifically on access to start up finances and financial management. 

The program seeks to offer a variety of short term relevant tailored courses for the youth including (but not limited to) the following:

- Business & Entrepreneurship - This is to serve to impart the youth with basic business knowledge and thus entrepreneurial skills

- Agribusiness - This is to encourage the youth to embrace agribusiness as a viable economic activity that is untapped and can offer job opportunities.

- Environmental & Resource Management for Sustainable Development - This is to engage the youth in coming up with SD based solutions whilst creating environmental awareness.

- Community Development - This in turn seeks to encourage the youth in spearheading grass – root communal initiatives that can create positive societal impacts.

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